The BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe

BMW-4-Series-Gran-CoupeThe BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe has been showcased at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. There is not much much difference between that of the 3 Series and the 4 Series, simply put it’s just slightly more high-end version of the 3 Series.

The car is quite similar to the 3 Series GT with it being quite practical in it’s design. The 4 Series Coupe has a more attractive design with frameless windows to help emphasise it’s ‘coupe’ badge.


Engines include a 3.5 – capable of 306 BHP

The engines available with the car are less limited than the BMW 3 Series. The 418d and the 420d come with four cylinder diesel engines and the 420i and the 428i coming with four pot petrol power engines. The most powerful model is the 435i which is able to produce a fantastic 306 BHP. Every engine will come with a six speed gearbox or an eight speed automatic transmission. The 420d will come in a four wheel drive Xdrive format. The most economical model out of the range will be the 418d which will be able to return 62.8 MPG and also emit 119g/km of C02.

The car will have 5 doors which does add 50kg more to the weight of the vehicle when compared to the standard 2 door 4 Series. Suspension is slightly modified from the 2 door version too. The extra bracing at the front of the car will improve body stiffness and the precision of the steering.

It is however the exact same length as the two door 4 Series and does have the exact same front end end in terms of shape and design. Other visual differences are included at the roofline at the rear of the car. The boot space is exactly the same as the 3 Series Saloon which has been extended by 35 litres to 480 litres.

We like the sound of the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. It sounds like a fantastic luxurious type of car which offers plenty of sporting features. It looks elegant and also incredibly fast at the same time.

If you like the sound of the BMW Gran Coupe, it will go on sale in the UK on the 21st June and will cost £29,420. The higher end  435i M Sport model will cost £41,655.