Spy shots of the new BMW X2 revealed

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a highly camouflaged BMW X2 on its first test drive in Munich, Germany.


The new X2 boasts an exterior design collaboration between the best of its predecessors; the newest X1 and the X4. Offering an athletic crossover-SUV model to its standard X1 sibling, these spy shots reveal a low-slung body and a sportier, more-Coupe like roofline.

The five-door X2 is bound to make US buyers happy, as it was rumoured earlier in the year that it could feature a three-door style instead. The choice between xDrive four-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive is expected when the SUV is launched sometime in 2017, and it’s likely the engine range offered on the X1 will power the X2 as well.


Starting with the X6 in 2009, the X range is a family of crossover models, incorporating sportier versions of traditional SUVs. The new X2 is sticking with the X design by being built on the foundations of its sibling, the X1; just as the X6 was on the X5 and the X4 on the X3. The interior of the new X2 is also expected to be mirrored on the X1.

Specs, performance numbers, release dates and pricing are all under wraps for the time being. But, we imagine the new X2 will cost a few thousand more than the current X1, whose starting prices begin at £26,780 ($35,795).


Expected to go on sale in early 2017, with appearances at motor shows throughout the tail end of next year, we’ll be keeping a look out for more official information.



Image credit:

CarPix at http://wot.motortrend.com/bmw_x2_prototype_shows_off_low_slung_body.html/photos/#12