BMW M2 can be made louder using Bluetooth

Combining the two things old people like to moan about most; mobile phones and loud cars.

Announced as one of their official Performance parts for the M2, BMW have revealed an exhaust flap that can be opened or closed using a phone. The Performance parts have been released with the intention of reflecting components derived from motor racing in the areas of aerodynamics, engine, cockpit and suspension which meet the highest of standards in terms of design and function.

BMW M2 can be made louder using Bluetooth

The M Performance exhaust silencer system features ‘sport’ and ‘track’ modes. The former, BMW reports, is intended for use on public roads and “indulges the driver with a distinctive sporty sound that has been specially harmonised with the BMW M2.” We suspect someone at BMW got carried away with their own Formula 1 fantasies. Alternatively, if you select ‘track’ mode on your mobile it makes for a “much more intense driving experience.”

Some of the other options to make the BMW M2 even more like an adult sized toy race car include aerodynamic carbon fibre components including front and side sill attachments, rear diffuser and mirror caps. Consumers can also choose to spring for the M Performance coil-spring suspension, which lowers the car by 5mm as standard – although this can be increased by an additional 20mm. The dampers can be adjusted to 16 levels in the rebound stage and 12 in the compression stage, letting the driver customise their suspension set-up. The BMW Performance options will be available on the M2 from March 2016, with prices still to be announced.

Is this a case of too much time on their hands and an over-active imagination, or would you shell out for the chance to rev up your morning commute? Personally we’d love to see the 9-5 crowd racing to work pretending to be Lewis Hamilton.