BMW’s eco technology advancing even more

BMW’s technology is at the highest level when comparing the rest of the worldwide automotive industry. They already attract their target market with the great amount of technology what goes into their cars, from their electric windows to the engine.

BMW are now working on ways to make their eco technology that bit more advanced. Future BMW vehicles will come with intelligent satellite navigation system that records the immediate journey ahead. From these details, the system can analyse the conditions to anticipate the type of driving needed to ensure as much fuel and energy is being saved as possible. It is simply eco driving advice, the driver is not forced to follow the predictive driving at all.

All instructions will be displayed on a new LCD screen which helps the driver recognise the current state of the car. It states how much energy is being used and how much there is left to use. There are some technical details too such as whether the car is being charged with brake regeneration.
Sound confusing? It is really simple. If you are approaching a road, the predictive system will state what speed to reduce too and when to brake.
BMW’s Efficient Dynamics is one of the most technologically advanced eco systems every built. This has spread through to all of the car’s models and is now one of the company’s main selling points. It was originally launch in 2007 and has managed to take the automotive world by storm.
BMW were one of the first pioneers of start stop technology and brake energy regeneration. Aerodynamic features and new ways of bringing about a reduction in weight has played a big part of EfficientDynamics.

From the years 1995 to 2008, all of BMW’s range saw it’s economy reduced by 25 per cent. They are planning to achieve the same feat by the year 2020.

BMW have made their “ultimate driving machine” align themselves with achieving great economy ratings, two attributes which are not naturally linked together. Driving has been made fun without the need to spend lots on fuel.
Some critics of the system have noted that there may be legal issues. Here in the UK, the law may deem the system to enable the driver to lose control of the car. We believe BMW’s technology will get their way, eventually.