BMW to offer Ceramic Brakes on the new BMW M5

BMW are testing carbon ceramic brake discs for the new BMW M5. The unique type of brakes will also be used on the BMW M6 Coupe.

Ceramic brake discs have been used previously by Porsche. This type of braking system comes a very high price, leaving them to be installed in top end high performance cars, hence why BMW are planning to use them within the M5 and M6.

The car is immensely powerful and therefore will generate a lot of heat. Energy saving brakes that will allow the car to produce less heat will help the vehicle stand out from its rivals. The brakes will not dampen the car’s performance in anyway; in fact it can only be beneficial for the car.

What can the car actually produce? Its top speed will be an amazing 155mph and it will be able to reach 0-62mph in just 4.5 seconds.

The brakes will only be installed as per the customer’s request. They will not come as standard, only as an option.

What are the benefits of the ceramic braking system? Firstly they carry a lot less weight compared to typical brake systems, meaning much better efficiency for the car.

The existence of the ceramic material allows the brakes to last longer. Natural wearing of the brakes will be heavily reduced thanks to the brakes brushing against a stronger type of material when being used.

The two companies involved with creating the system are Brembo who are BMW’s current brake supplier and SGL Carbon. On another subject, SGL carbon is also working with BMW to create carbon fibre parts for future models. This is a great step in the right direction for the company as carbon fibre parts weigh less and producing less drag. In effect this increases the fuel economy and reduces the C02 emissions.

Is this a good idea? Although they come at a premium we believe the brakes are a great idea.

The whole project is at its early stages. The release date is still yet to be confirmed. Some sources say that the car will be installed with the ceramic brakes at the end of next year.