Another piece of innovative technology from BMW

We have mentioned before that BMW will be in the news soon about new technology. It wasn’t long until they announced the unveiling of new laser headlight technology at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this month. It is expected to be shown on the BMW i8, the electric concept sports car for the future.

The new BMW headlight is powered by lasers rather than traditional lamp or LED lighting. These won’t be just any type lighting however. The company has mentioned that the new BMW headlight will be a lot brighter compared to LED headlights (Some sources have mentioned up to 1000 times brighter). There will be a single colour beamed in a straight line produced them.

All of that extra visibility will not use up more energy, which is quite a remarkable feat. It would appear that the most beneficial feature of the light is that it is designed to be energy efficient. The laser is said to be designed in such a way that it only uses minimal power in order to improve economy.

With the images released so far, it would appear that the BMW headlights are made to a reduced size. After all, with so much power being produced, it would make complete sense not to waste space on the car. Could this mean that we will see a new generation of BMW car design for the future? BMW have not officially confirmed that but it could remain a possibility.

It appears to be a development that aims to match the achievements made by Audi, with their latest generation of headlights being very distinctive and unique. In terms of laser technology, Audi appear to be developing a similar type of technology too. The Audi A2 concept car will utilise Audi’s version and will be on display at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show too.

Although the BMW laser headlights will be shown at the motor show too, don’t expect them to be in production on BMW cars just yet. The company have not announced any plans to install them on any of their upcoming models. They are nevertheless an exciting and groundbreaking prospect which will excite and encourage many. Some have predicted that it may take a few years before we actually see the new BMW laser headlights in action on the road.