The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe review part 2

The beautiful BMW 6 Series Gran Touring has been shown off by BMW. The new images look stunning and have created somewhat of a storm amongst appropriate circles within the automotive industry.

We have already taken a look at the car in our review (The BMW 6 Series Coupe published on the 12th December) but today we will take a look at the car’s features but from a slightly different angle.

Powerful V8 engine

The first ever four door coupe from BMW will receive attention alone from being just that! Another feature sure to grab attention is a 450 BHP V8 engine, which contains BMW’s TwinPower technology. The unique TwinPower technology will also be installed within six cylinder petrol and diesel variants of the car.


BMW’s EfficientDynamics technology will make the car one of the most economical in its class. EfficientDynamics is BMW’s way of ensuring that fuel consumption is kept to a minimum. This includes start stop technology, which turns the vehicles engine off when it is at a standstill (for example in traffic) and starts the car straight back up again when it needs to drive off. It’s clearly obvious that the car contains a great amount of power, which in normal terms would mean a lot of fuel consumption and plenty of carbon emissions. EfficientDynamics technology helps mix performance and economy.


The car is also surprisingly agile thanks to its low weight. It will feel like a smaller car when driving at times some reviews say.

The most practical 6 Series ever built?

BMW claim that it is the biggest and most practical 6 Series ever built. The rear seating plan has seen a new refined look, helping claims that the car has been made that extra bit more practical.

Sale dates

The new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe 640i and 640d variants are expected to go on sale on June 2nd next year. The BMW 650i is expected to go be released into showrooms later on in the summer.

The car will be highly appealing to chauffeur companies, with the luxury and space appealing to the rich who like to be driven about. We believe that the car has enough quality to command it’s high price tag and will be a great success.