The BMW 320d Review

We described in our article named “The Brand new BMW 3 Series revealed” on the 17th October that the BMW 320d will be the greenest model in the whole line-up.

The EfficientDynamics model figures eclipse that of its main rival, the Audi A4.

We take a look at why the car is so great in this article today.

Running costs

If you want a car that posses class, elegance, quality, performance and is also economical, you won’t find many better options than the BMW 320d.

The low C02 emissions of 118g/km will make the car especially attractive to fleet companies. The brilliant economy ratings of 62.8 MPG will come as a great purchase during these current times of high fuel costs.


The car offers a wonderfully engaging and powerful drive despite its green credentials. The eight speed gear transmission is accessed by a paddle shift gear box. The Eco Pro driver control system helps the car keep great economy whilst allowing the car to offer a great drive.


As you would expect the new generation of the BMW 3 Series looks absolutely fantastic. Some were rather apprehensive at the need to redesign such a successful car. The stunning revamp appears to make the car that bit more dynamic and attractive.

Green features

The car’s lowered suspension complements the car’s small 16 inch low weight aerodynamic alloy wheels and specially designed energy saving tyres. The fuel economy is majorly improved thanks to these components.



The Daily Telegraph has the car five out five stars in their review. The 320d is so good that we expect it to be the UK’s best selling model as do many other automotive magazine.

Will the new generation 3 Series be a success? The new 5 Series was and is currently remaining as a market leader across the world.

We can’t wait for the 320d to be released as it sure to one of the best overall vehicles available on the market.


  • Power: 181 BHP @ 4,000 RPM
  • Maximum Speed: 143 MPH
  • 0 – 62 MPH: 7.6 seconds
  • Economy ratings: 62.8 MPG
  • C02 emissions: 118g/km
  • VED band: C
  • No road tax charge for the first year. Thereafter the charge will be £30 per year.
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