The BMW Z3 Review

The BMW Z3 is a brilliant car which comes with a wonderful sporty type of personality. It’s fun to drives and looks great too.

Usually these types of cars are attached with to a certain gender. However the Z3 was popular amongst both males and females.

We take a look at our favourite features of the BMW Z3, which lasted from 1998-2002.


The BMW Z3 caused quite a stir when released as it was one of the most unique looking vehicles available on the market. Being the first modern day roadster from the company, you would expect it to receive plenty of publicity. However it was for the right reasons. Looking at the car, it comes across as powerful and one that posses a car with great agility. Looks were not deceiving in that respect.

Strong variant choices

The car drives like a dream, with every engine variant providing a great performance. The 1.9 is the most popular variant. It mixes a thrilling drive along with providing a decent economy rating. They have outsold other variants by a considerable amount. Out of all the cars offered, this is perhaps the easiest one to purchase now in terms of its availability.

Air conditioning and electronically powered roof cars came available as extras at the time of release. However the 2.8M model came with the features as standard.  It’s a superb choice for those who require a great amount of power.


You get the choice of both manual and automatic gearbox transmissions. Manual choices are for the more enthusiastic type of driver. There are also alloy wheels as standard along with remote locking. If you are thinking about purchasing one, we recommend that you go for the variants with the powered hood. This was a optional extra which didn’t come as standard at the time of release.


Although it was replaced with the BMW Z4, the Z3 remains something of a fashion icon even to this day.

It paved the way for the Z4 which hasn’t looked back. The BMW Z3 is certainty one of the best roadsters that the company has ever produced.  You’ll probably be able to snap one up between the region of £4,500 and £9,000.