Fake engine noise from your BMW Stereo?

Usually an awesome noise derives from the engine when revving a sporty BMW. Even on some less sportier types, you hear a nice rumble. However emerging news reports have confirmed that the BMW M5 will use its high-tech stereo to enhance the sound of the engine.

First we have to the question, is there really a need?  Executives at the company may justify their reasoning due to new regulations. Noise levels must now be kept down due to certain motor industry laws.

For many drivers who get that special thrill out of performance cars, they will always say that the roar emerging from under the bonnet sends shivers down their spine.

The way cars and driver demands have evolved, engine sounds have naturally quietened. BMW have used Active Sound Design technology which duplicates the noise of the engine and plays it out in high quality through the stereo system.

You can’t fault the technology and cleverness in how the whole system was built, despite many faulting the reasoning behind why the system was brought about in the first place. The whole process is very clever, with a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) involved which allows the engine management system to be read into which gathers the correct signals to play out into the speakers.

You would expect this sort of technology to be installed on a car with a brilliant and powerful engine, which is what the BMW M5 contains.  A V8 with 560BHP, you wouldn’t think the car even needs an enhancement upon the sound that the car can naturally produce.

Many will feel that fake noise just won’t add to the driving experience in the same way that hearing a typical BMW roaring engine would. Who would disagree?

Will other noises be made available to purchase? Will the sound of the engine be substituted for that of a F1 car?

Many may feel this sort of technology is unnecessary, but European and worldwide regulations force rules and regulation which force cars to keep noise down to a certain level. Is this a clever way of working around the strict regulations which many struggle to keep up with? If a BMW M5, one of the best vehicles in the world, needs a sound enhancement from the stereo, where will it lead to? Many driving enthusiasts will be discouraged by this piece of news.

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