BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo review

This variant of the 5 Series has the element of excitement written all over it, as the model name may suggest. When it was released, the 5 Series GT catapulted straight to the top as the best car in the whole Series.

It’s a unique car in the way that it targets a new kind of target market. It offers practicality, style, performance and can be used for many different purposes without it being classed as an SUV. There many great elements about the car that is worth talking about.

We’ll discuss some attributes that we think help the car stand out from the rest.


When looking at the car, you may be taken back by its sheer size. The car’s shape is quite unusual of that of the typical BMW 5 Series, but we believe it is a positive. The quality of how the car is made from the outside immediately gives the impression of how well the car is made throughout. The look of elegance with a sporty influence is really demonstrated all the way through.


The unorthodox design succeeds in giving the model more space within. There is plenty of room for passengers and the driver to sit and relax to the highest level of comfort. It really does feel like you are being surrounded with luxury when you sit within the 5 Series GT.


The features you get as standard include climate and cruise control, electric windows throughout and a wonderful and efficiently laid out control set for you to access your entertainment system from the steering wheel.

The iDrive controller allows many different functions to be performed with them being viewed neatly in the middle of the car through a colour screen.

Towards the higher end of the market there are endless options to choose from including a choice of suspension enhancement.


There is a very strong engine choice with the 5 Series GT, with all of them sure to have something for everyone. The diesel variants are said to be the most popular, with the 520d being able to produce an adequate 181bhp. There are also two 3.0 litre engines which are able to produce a brilliant 254bhp with the other being able to produce 309bhp. Both are sure not to let you down in terms of power produced.

The petrol versions are quite powerful too. There is a choice of two petrol engines. Each is within the 2.0 litre and 3.0 litre brackets, with the most powerful 3.0 producing a mighty 302bhp.


The 5 Series GT certainly ticks a lot of boxes for many, as it fits into multiple categories. Owners are never disappointed with their purchase.