The BMW i Series

It’s one of the most talked about subjects within the automotive industry at the moment. BMW’s i technology looks a very exciting prospect indeed.It’s the future of the company, with them implementing innovative technology on their concept vehicles, the i3 and i8. It’s the company’s way of meeting demands from motorists, of creating cars that(…)

A BMW that drives for you?

Just when you think BMW have reached new levels of technology, they’re now implementing automated driving technology for their cars. BMW Research and Technology have completed 2,700 miles worth of testing on the “Automated Driver Assistance System”.  The results appear to be very promising. The main aim of it all To overtake slower travelling vehicles(…)

The BMW M5 petrol and diesel?

We take a look a £73,000 saloon due to be released later this year, the BMW M5.  Now in its fifth generation, it’s on the highest end of the 5 Series line-up, with it being the most powerful. The turbo charged 4.4 Litre engine within can develop an enormous 560bhp. The car will be limited(…)

BMW to be even more fuel efficient?

The way forward for cars is fuel efficiency and friendliness to the environment. BMW have been recently investing heavily in different ways to make that happen. Rather than making small engines to save on fuel bills, BMW are trying to recycle  the wasted energy on larger engines, therefore not compromising the driving experience and power.(…)

BMW Direct on eBay

With a professionally designed interface and thousands of parts available, the BMW eBay store seems to the way forward for the company. It is a first for any car manufacturer in the UK to have an eBay store. The BMW Direct store is genuine with every single part an official BMW product. People intending to(…)

Some of the best used BMW’s for under £5,000

BMW’s are built to last, with quality and great engineering. Many of the older generations can be purchased at an affordable price. We look at the models that look like they could be great value for money.  We will use Autotrader as our main source for our research. Some models found could be over or(…)

BMW EfficientDynamics

Within this article we discuss BMW technology EffcientDynamics. It’s BMW’s way of delivering more fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness without comprising the usual standards of fantastic driving pleasure.Regular BMW Service is essential for optimum BMW performance. In this article we take a close look at EffcientDynamics. We will list them all and discuss what each(…)

The BMW 1 Series Hatchback vs The BMW 1 Series Coupe

The BMW 1 Series is all about safety, practicality and decent performance for a small car. When developed, it was a first of its type developed from the company. Motorists with families will lean towards a family car whereas drivers who want better performance and more style will opt for the coupe. Being a BMW,(…)


The Z4 is a real sports car in terms of looks and performance. Stylish and elegant, you’ll get plenty of power and a thrilling ride in the car. The response of the car is excellent. Powerful engines across the board can handle the Z4 very well. Drivers and passengers will sit in comfort too, with(…)

BMW 5 Series

The 5 series is safe, elegant, dynamic and efficient. The BMW 5 series has been named “Germany’s Favourite Car”. It has also gained Car of the Year awards from many countries including the UK. The interior is extremely comfortable and well designed. The driver position is very clear and the seats have many adjustments. As(…)

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