BMW expanding in the mobile apps sector

BMW are planning to integrate their mobile app with Android operating systems. At the moment they are only compatible with the popular Apple iPhone. The app in question is the My BMW Remote app. It’s a very innovative and intelligent app, with the app containing many different features. Using the app, you are able to(…)

BMW real time traffic information system

BMW have recently launched a Real Time Traffic update information system, named the RTTI. The technology will come as part of the ConnectedDrive feature and will available as an extra on new BMW models. It’s a very sophisticated method of navigating through a journey, with the assistance of real time updates.  Accurate and up to(…)

The BMW Mini set for India

Mini who are under the ownership of BMW, are set to introduce a new model to India. Mini’s are seen as a luxury small car throughout the world. Is placing the Mini in India a good idea? Does it have what it takes to succeed in such a complex industry? They have already held back(…)

BMW aims to increase stake in SGL

BMW and Volkswagen are reportedly taking a huge interest in purchasing extra shares in SGL Carbon. If the German auto giants were to increase their shares, they would have a major influence in the carbon fibre manufacturing company. The move looks almost certain to go ahead as a BMW executive was quoted to have said(…)

Brand new BMW 3 Series revealed

A new version of the most popular BMW, the 3 Series, has been unveiled. The debut sixth generation of the car was streamed via the companies Facebook Page. The BMW 3 Series is not only the companies’ most important car in terms of sales, it is considered the best car within the particular category in(…)

BMW 6 Series Coupe

The new BMW 6 Series Coupe is one of the most anticipated cars of this year. With a price range of £59,656 to £71,840, you would expect the car to deliver on many fronts. The car has been tested already by experts. Some have already said that after the car will be good enough to(…)

BMW introduces Ubisense tracking system

Ubisense and BMW are set to continue their partnership. Ubisense technology is all set to be present amongst BMW manufacturing for a longer period of time after a new deal was struck. The Ubisense Chief Executive, Richard Green, have said that they are indeed very happy at the deal being struck. “Extending our agreement with(…)

BMW sells its 2 millionth car in the UK

It has taken 31 years for BMW sales to hit the 2 million mark. It is quite a milestone in many respects and recognised by all in thautomotiveindustryas an amazing feat. This achievement reaffirms the company as the number one premium car manufacturer in the UK.   The first BMW to be sold in the(…)

The BMW M2 set for 2015

Earlier this year, we heard the brilliant news of the BMW M2 being released in the future. It is set to rival the Porsche Cayman and the Audi TT, which says a lot for the standard the car will reach. Every time a car is released from the M division, there is great excitement and(…)

The BMW X5 the most desirable car for school runs

Around a month ago, a survey was completed for the most wanted school run car. Mums voted the BMW X5 as the most desirable car to drive the most when dropping their children to school. The school run accounts for a very high percentage of cars during peak hours, with it being estimated that one(…)

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