Self-parking cars could be on roads as early as 2021

m-3Most of us are familiar with the drudgery that comes from trying to park in a busy town centre; to delicately position your vehicle in a space that seems to shrink as you attempt to eek your way into it. Imagine then,  how nice it would be if your car parked itself for you…

That pipedream may not be quite so far off. It’s well publicised just how seriously the major carmakers are taking their autonomous tech development. Already, some of the big players are testing their prototypes on public roads as the race to establish themselves as a front runners gathers pace. And one aspect of the tech that has advanced leaps and bounds recently, is the self-parking process.

The UK Government has set an ambitious target of getting fully autonomous cars onto the roads by 2021 and its testing hub, Meridian, plus the Centre for Connected Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) have invested significant sums into businesses involved in developing self-driving tech. Of the £30 million invested, £5 million has been allocated towards self-parking.

Business Minister Richard Harrington said: “Self-driving vehicles have the potential to revolutionise the way we move people and goods across the UK.

“They also support our ambition for a cleaner, greener future as part of our modern Industrial Strategy.

“The UK is already leading the way in developing this technology and today’s funding will bring self-driving vehicles one step closer to becoming a normal feature on UK roads and could, in time, make learning to parallel park a thing of the past.”

Chair Automotive Council Technology, Graham Hoare said: “On behalf of the Automotive Council, I welcome the latest developments at Meridian Mobility Technology, the UK’s CAV Development Capability.

“Meridian continues the acceleration of the UK’s CAV development facilities with the announcement of important partnerships as part of the latest outcomes of the TestBed program, Wave 2&3.

“These new capabilities will complement our strengthening UK Test capability with the advantage of a ‘one stop shop’ mindset for the industry.”


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