Bear attacks family car at safari park

i-3A family visiting a safari park was left shocked after a bear climbed on their car’s bonnet and started trying to bite its way through the windscreen.

The management of the park was criticised by the family after the 6ft black bear began the assault on the vehicle and no rangers were sent to intervene.

Sophie Mallaney, who was in the car said they pumped the horn as instructed but no help was forthcoming, the bear instead of being frightened away by the noise merely climbed on top of the vehicle. He only moved away after becoming distracted by another vehicle.

“We were unhappy that no-one came to help,” said Ms Mallaney, who added that visitors were told to sound their horn if they felt in danger.

A spokesman for Woburn Safari Park said that it was important visitors remembered they were not visiting “a petting zoo”.

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