General Motors to link up with BMW?

BMW and General Motors could work alongside each other in a surprising move. They want to develop engines together for future models.  Their move was inspired by the Vauxhall Ampera, with General Motors wanting to develop a similar car. How would the deal work? What General Motors would get out of the deal? If you(…)

BMW to offer discounts in China

Demand in China for luxury cars is said to have cooled recently. BMW are to offer discounts on their cars in order to keep up their sales of cars flowing within the Chinese automotive market. BMW are not the only company to go down that route. Audi are also said to be contemplating offering discounts(…)

Audi and BMW in dispute with LG

The electronic company LG want action taken as they claim their LED lights patent has been infringed in the form of Audi and BMW lighting products. Altogether, it is claimed that up to seven LED patents have been infringed. This will come as unwelcoming news for both BMW and Audi. LG are now asking for(…)

BMW Z4 Review

We take a look at the most successful roadster that BMW has built, the Z4. It’s perhaps a car that really does stand out and receives the highest praise from many car experts. It’s one of the best convertibles that are available on the market, with it being a perfect looking and exceptional performing sports(…)

BMW Direct on eBay

With a professionally designed interface and thousands of parts available, the BMW eBay store seems to the way forward for the company. It is a first for any car manufacturer in the UK to have an eBay store. The BMW Direct store is genuine with every single part an official BMW product. People intending to(…)

Some of the best used BMW’s for under £5,000

BMW’s are built to last, with quality and great engineering. Many of the older generations can be purchased at an affordable price. We look at the models that look like they could be great value for money.  We will use Autotrader as our main source for our research. Some models found could be over or(…)

The BMW 1 Series Hatchback vs The BMW 1 Series Coupe

The BMW 1 Series is all about safety, practicality and decent performance for a small car. When developed, it was a first of its type developed from the company. Motorists with families will lean towards a family car whereas drivers who want better performance and more style will opt for the coupe. Being a BMW,(…)

Ask our BMW expert

We service 100’s of BMW through our partner garages. We have our own in house BMW experts to solve customer queries on BMW cars. We are more than happy to help you solve any problem with your BMW. It’s not necessary that you have to be our customer to send us the query. Feel free(…)

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