BMW aims to keep luxury crown

BMW were named the number one worldwide luxury car seller and are aiming to keep that title in 2012. BMW Service is Target brought forward The company are now planning to sell 2 million vehicles by the year 2016. The previous target was to reach this figure by the 2020.  The anticipations have bettered thanks(…)

BMW 5 Series Touring Review

The BMW 5 Series Touring has received maximum marks from plenty of expert reviews. It’s easy to see why. We take a look at what we think are the vehicle’s strongest features. Running costs The BMW 5 Series Touring does not depreciate by very much at all meaning it will always hold its value. The(…)

Audi beats BMW on first quarter earning

Audi has beaten BMW for their first quarter earnings. BMW have suffered a 3.3 per cent dip. BMW’s quarterly operating margin resulted in full year Earnings before interest and taxes as a percentage of revenue equated to just 11.8 per cent. Audi’s figure was recorded at 12.1 per cent. The cost of releasing the BMW(…)

BMW’s Thermal Management Technology

BMW is using specially designed thermal management technology for their air conditioning systems. Air conditioning has almost become the norm for many new cars coming off the production line. It’s considered still considered a luxury however by some. Many do take it for granted. Nevertheless it is a vitally important piece of technology which is(…)

The BMW i3 caught being tested

The BMW i3 has caused a storm throughout the automotive press as it has been caught being tested. Design toned down The BMW i3 is said to be very close to its final production form. This means that the car has been heavily lightened down in terms of its future design, which we saw at(…)

The BMW 7 Series to contain more carbon fibre elements

As you can see from the images, the BMW 7 Series is a large car. With the vehicle carrying so much weight, it is essential that carbon emissions and fuel efficiency are optimised in the best way possible. When a car weighs more, it takes more effort and fuel to push it along, therefore wasting(…)

The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe to debut in America

The BMW 6 Series Coupe will debut at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance 2012 show. The unique four door Coupe vehicle is expected to make major headlines at the Motor Show. At the same show the fifth generation of the BMW M5 Sedan and the BMW 3 Series Sedan will also be showcased. New BMW(…)

The 2012 BMW 335i review

Today we review the 2012 BMW 335i model that is destined for America. It will contain a direct injected turbocharged six cylinder 3.0 litre engines that is able to produce 300 BHP. In just 5.4 seconds, the BMW 335i will reach 0 – 60 MPH. The most power 3 series This leaves this model as(…)

Triumph badge back in business

BMW  has attempted gain the rights to use the Triumph badge, which was last seen on the Acclaim back in 1984. The application was made in October 27th 2011 and was made public on the 21st December. The Triumph badge on a number of items The application itself has a classification code of “Community Trade(…)

Official details on the BMW M6

The BMW M6 is set to be released. It will be a monster of a car, reaching speed of up to 189 MPH from its V8 552 BHP engine. Pricey It will not come cheap as many of you may imagine. It will cost £93,795 and will go on sale in September. This will follow(…)

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