2018 BMW X7 – first glimpse of Range Rover rival

First sightings of the forthcoming BMW X7 have been trickling in as the prototype vehicles begins road testing in Germany. Despite the model being put through its paces being heavily disguised, the scale and design of the SUV are apparent for the first time. The X7 is aimed as being a rival for the Mercedes(…)

BMW to Release Anniversary Edition of M3

BMW are a really remarkable company when it comes to the release of special edition cars. They have been consistently releasing limited edition vehicles which celebrates their rich motoring history. Just recently for example, we discussed the 2002 homage concept and they don’t seem as if they are going to stop soon. With this then,(…)

The BMW 520d EffcientDynamics review

A spectacular new 5 Series model has been rolled out this year for a price of £30,435. The BMW 520d EfficientDynamics Saloon looks stunning from every angle that drives as good as it looks. The EfficientDynamics technology makes the car wonderfully efficient in terms of fuel and emissions. Rivals Audi A6 2.0 TDI Jaguar XF(…)

The BMW Z3 Review

The BMW Z3 is a brilliant car which comes with a wonderful sporty type of personality. It’s fun to drives and looks great too. Usually these types of cars are attached with to a certain gender. However the Z3 was popular amongst both males and females. We take a look at our favourite features of(…)

Fake engine noise from your BMW Stereo?

Usually an awesome noise derives from the engine when revving a sporty BMW. Even on some less sportier types, you hear a nice rumble. However emerging news reports have confirmed that the BMW M5 will use its high-tech stereo to enhance the sound of the engine. First we have to the question, is there really(…)

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo review

This variant of the 5 Series has the element of excitement written all over it, as the model name may suggest. When it was released, the 5 Series GT catapulted straight to the top as the best car in the whole Series. It’s a unique car in the way that it targets a new kind(…)

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