BMW US Sales

It is always interesting to see what the sales of major car companies are like all over the world. From this, usually one can gather either information on new trends, or how major companies are generally performing. Using the United States as a model is most certainly the best way to measure how well an(…)

BMW Releases Huge Structure

Just a few weeks ago, we witnessed the most recent instalment of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, which takes place in one of June’s last weekends. The festival for 2016 was special for many companies celebrating many different achievements, but for BMW, 2016 marks the 100th year since the company was created. Henceforth, BMW took(…)

BMW Energy Recycling

The energy saving, recycling and sustainability market is growing rapidly across all sectors, and of course the automotive world is no different in this regard. We have seen the likes of Tesla and Mercedes create bigger batteries as they attempt to market them to homeowners as another method of powering homes. Now, BMW have announced(…)

Rolls Royce Join in Celebrations

As we have mentioned very recently, this year marks 100 years since the birth of the Bavarian motoring giant BMW and to celebrate, the company have released a range of concept cars. We have already seen the iNext concept car created by BMW, and MINI’s concept, now however Rolls Royce have released the Vision Next(…)

LAPD and the i3

As we have stated many times here at Servicing Stop, the BMW i3 is a very efficient vehicle which has sadly failed to sell anywhere near the amount of units that it should. But, BMW musty be rejoicing now as the Los Angeles Police Department have just ordered 100 of the compact electric vehicles. So(…)

BMW Invested in a Carpool App

It is a very interesting time in the motoring world right now as all the major automotive companies seem to be investing in carpooling apps. This may be seen as the future of the automotive industry and hence, the biggest companies are investing millions into these specific businesses. Toyota for example, has invested in Uber,(…)

BMW sales rise, speed up luxury car competition

News comes the same week they celebrate their 100th birthday – celebrations all round. Luxury carmaker BMW AG has announced a record profit year of 6.4 billion Euros for last year, a 10 percent increase from the year before. However, the outlook going forward is not as smooth as one might think, with an aging(…)

BMW to clip wing mirrors

Wing mirrors could soon be flying off to pastures new, if BMW’s new plans work out. The concept, unveiled at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, is called the Mirrorless i8 and the idea is to replace the rear and side wing mirrors with a set of cameras that will project a fully(…)

BMW to unveil new AirTouch in-car tech next month

Along with the super cool i8 Spyder Concept, BMW will also use the CES in January to unveil their latest innovative technology: AirTouch. AirTouch is a new way to control the infotainment system in a BMW without distracting the driver. Instead of relying on a touchscreen or buttons, the driver and passengers can use their(…)

BMW fined $40m for Mini safety and recall violations

Automotive safety regulators in the US have fined BMW $40 million over safety lapses regarding the company’s delayed Mini Cooper recall. The recall came after BMW’s Mini brand discovered that their Mini Cooper failed to meet regulatory minimum standards for side-impact crash protection. A NHTSA investigation into whether or not the company failed to issue(…)

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