Alex Zanardi tests BMW M6 GT3 ahead of return to motorsport

For the first time since bagging a further two gold medals to add to his collection, Alex Zanardi once again found himself back behind the wheel, turning in lap times, as he prepares for his return to motorsport. The Italian, now 49 and the holder of four gold medals in hand cycling, took the BMW(…)

BMW returns to Le Mans

BMW is set to return to the FIA World Sportscar Championship in 2018. The German powerhouse will take on the likes of Ferrari, Ford, Aston Martin and Porsche with a brand new GTE racer. This will naturally see BMW competing once again at the legendary Le Mans 24 Hours race for the first time in(…)

BMW designers focus on the interior

Not one to let its 100th birthday pass without the release of something truly spectacular; back in March, BMW revealed their most innovative concept since the i8 plug-in hybrid started appearing on our roads. Taking a revolutionary new approach to design, BMW’s Vision Next 100 team started development on the newest BMW set of concepts(…)

BMW drivers are ‘Britain’s worst motorists’ says new survey

In a recent survey, aimed at identifying Britain’s worst motorists, as well as the worst types of driver, BMW owners have come out on top, or bottom – depending on how you look at it. The survey – conducted by the Jennings Motor Group Driving Survey – showed that more than 60% of those questioned(…)

BMW 3 Series turned into real life Transformer

Since they first appeared on our screens over thirty years ago, many of us have wondered what it would be like to have our very own Transformer. Many of us who grew up watching Optimus Prime battle it out against Megatron, have allowed our imaginations to run riot, at least once or twice over the(…)

BMW 7 Series Update

The 7 Series’ are very rarely seen on the roads as they are the epitome of luxury. The limousine based models have been extremely popular amongst the elite since their introduction in 2015. This series is as high performing as it is luxurious, and this can generally be seen through the vehicles V8 and V12(…)

BMW To Expand In Africa

The continent of Africa is rapidly growing, as it has huge market potential and the resources for it to become a large player in the automotive world. It therefore makes sense that BMW would invest heavily and create a suitable long term business plan for the future of the company in Africa. So, with this(…)

The Pacts Plans

We recently mentioned that BMW, Intel and Mobileye have formed a partnership in order to create a fully autonomous vehicle. Although this news was just a rumour a few days ago, it is now reality. From this reality, it is now clearer what each company will be offering to the deal, if it wasn’t clear(…)

BMW To Announce New Partnerships

BMW will reportedly release information of new partnerships between companies in the coming weeks, as it seeks to become the leading force in the autonomous driving market. With this, BMW will be able to utilise multiple specialities, whilst also being able to improve upon an already moving autonomous project. There have already been some huge(…)

Puma’s BMW Shoe

It is always strange when automotive companies and clothing companies share design departments and come up with something new and radical. This has happened many times already as many have seen Ferrari and Lotus shoes and Lexus have a complete clothing range too. So, with this news, what should we expect to see when the(…)

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