BMW reveal Concept Z4 ahead of Pebble Beach

BMW has revealed its latest reimagining of the roadster – the Concept Z4. The company have taken the original Z4, whose production run finished last year after 14 years, and reworked the design. It adopts BMW’s new design philosophy with more striking lines on the side of the vehicle, a smaller grille and a more(…)

BMW Z4 Coupe fitted with Viper V10

There is a unique type of person out there, one who takes great pleasure fitting incredible engines into very small cars. Take the Ferrari V8-engined Toyota GT86 for example, or the Mazda MX-5. But for one German power obsessive, eight-cylinders were nowhere near enough, so he fitted the BMW Z4 you see above with ten.(…)

The BMW Z5

The BMW Z4 was a particularly strange vehicle. It looked rather odd with two seats, a front mounted engine and all of the vehicles power was sent to the rear wheels. For those that are unaware, this screams sports car, but it was missing something to really define and set it apart from its competitors.(…)

BMW’s SUV Recall

BMW are really having a hard time with SUV’s at this moment in time. They have just recently had to recall 622,000 vehicles over a faulty safety clip for child seats. Those models affected were the X3 and X4 built between 2011 and 2017. This time round however, the number isn’t as big, but SUV’s(…)

The 2013 BMW Z4

The new 2013 BMW Z4 in March of this year. The model has been modified slightly but most of its main character remains. Changes include a different style of headlights which come with LED corona rings. On the side repeater LED side lights have been placed for extra style. The headlights will have an extra(…)

A Dream-team develop a roadster

The combination of BMW and Italian supercar giant Zagato have combined made to make a roadster concept model. The car has simply been named the BMW Zagato roadster concept. The Zagato Coupe was shown off earlier this month with the roadster set to partner it. Built in only 6 weeks, the roadster represents a great(…)

The new BMW Z4 sDrive20i & sDrive28i reviews

Reviews for the new BMW Z4 in America have described sDrive20i & sDrive28i sum up the cars as breathtaking. No more six cylinder technology  What’s new about these cars? They no longer contain six cylinder engines anymore. They now have four cylinders. This may upset some traditional fans who prefer the older system but with(…)


The Z4 is a real sports car in terms of looks and performance. Stylish and elegant, you’ll get plenty of power and a thrilling ride in the car. The response of the car is excellent. Powerful engines across the board can handle the Z4 very well. Drivers and passengers will sit in comfort too, with(…)

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