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LAPD and the i3

As we have stated many times here at Servicing Stop, the BMW i3 is a very efficient vehicle which has sadly failed to sell anywhere near the amount of units that it should. But, BMW musty be rejoicing now as the Los Angeles Police Department have just ordered 100 of the compact electric vehicles. So(…)

BMW Planning To Change the i Department

BMW’s i division have long been assimilated with the creation and development of electric cars. So far, the division have created the all electric i3 and the i8 plug in hybrid sports car. Although both of these vehicles are both extremely good vehicles, there have been mixed reviews and as a result, BMW are transforming(…)

BMW rule out all electric M cars, but says hybrid could be on the way

Whilst most car companies are crashing into each other vying to be the keenest and greenest around, BMW are taking an altogether different approach. For them, the engine stays in the picture. BMW’s Vice President of Engineering Dirk Hacker, a name almost too good to be true, has said in an interview with Auto Express(…)

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