BMW 8 Series

Has BMW secretly approved what its next i model will be

Lots of rumours have been circulating about the next i-branded model to be announced by BMW. The i8 Roadster is the next slated vehicle from the segment scheduled to be with us by 2018, but what about after that? It’s looking likely – say several well informed sources – that the next edition will be(…)

BMW make stunning dress from carbon fibre material used in their i8 supercar

Two top designers have been hired by BMW to make a beautiful dress from the same carbon-fibre material found in its hybrid supercar. The Carbon Dress is woven from the same high-tech fibres that make up the body of the £105,000 i8 BMW. London based design duo Felder Felder – made up of German twins(…)

New BMW 8 Series in development

Ahead of a projected launch in 2018, the prototype BMW 8 Series has been spotted being put through its paces in Germany. The ‘fleet-leading’ model will most likely be a two door coupe edition of the 7 Series saloon, in a similar ethos to how the 4 Series and 3 Series are related. The two(…)

Leicester City stars forced to wrap £105,000 BMWs following owner confusion

When Leicester City’s players achieved the seemingly impossible and clinched the club’s first ever Premier League title, the team’s Thai owners were understandably generous. Each of the first team squad was rewarded with an £105,000 BMW i8. Problem was, they were all exactly the same colour. With the new season properly underway, replicating last year’s(…)

BMW 8 Series Returning

There have been so many rumours circulating about the reshuffling of BMW’s series’. We recently mentioned that the 6 Series was undergoing a revolutionary change and will soon fit in the sports car category. The 6 Series will therefore rival the Porsche 911 and the Mercedes-AMG GT. But alongside this, it is also rumoured that(…)

BMW to Release Anniversary Edition of M3

BMW are a really remarkable company when it comes to the release of special edition cars. They have been consistently releasing limited edition vehicles which celebrates their rich motoring history. Just recently for example, we discussed the 2002 homage concept and they don’t seem as if they are going to stop soon. With this then,(…)

BMW ActiveHybrid 3 prices announced

BMW have announced the prices for their upcoming ActiveHybrid 3 Series which will be launch in July. The eagerly anticipated vehicle will cost £40,225 coming available with the trims of SE, Modern, Luxury and M Sport. The BMW 3 Series uses a 3.0 litre TwinPower engine that contains six cylinders. This combines with a 55(…)

BMW 8 Series

The BMW 8 Series is known for its large size and pure power. The production of the vehicle lasted between 1989 and 1999. Despite its production ending a long time ago, the car still remains iconic to many. We take a look at some of the car’s best features in our review today. Power The(…)

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