4 Series

M3 and M4 given a makeover by BMW in Las Vegas

The SEMA Motor Show in Las Vegas was the venue for BMW’s unveiling of its newly souped-up M3 and M4 – with added performance parts. The sporty upgrades will no doubt become ‘must haves’ for those wanting their regular versions to have a bit more grunt than normal. So, what exactly was on display in(…)

The BMW Z5

The BMW Z4 was a particularly strange vehicle. It looked rather odd with two seats, a front mounted engine and all of the vehicles power was sent to the rear wheels. For those that are unaware, this screams sports car, but it was missing something to really define and set it apart from its competitors.(…)

BMW 100 Year 3 and 4 Series

At this moment in time, BMW seem to be really pushing the fact that they are celebrating their 100th year anniversary. The Bavarian company have released multiple concept cars, created a huge celebratory statue for the Goodwood Festival of Speed and have also release special edition versions of their vehicles. Japan have been very fortunate(…)

The 4 Series Update

BMW just recently updated the 4 series vehicle and it is set for release in the foreseeable future. We recently mentioned that there was going to be a huge reshuffle within the 4 Series as they set to try and dominate the compact executive coupé market. With both Audi and Mercedes looking to release new(…)

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