3 Series

A look back at the BMW M3 (1986 – 1990)

We have the worlds of touring and rally car racing to thank for being the inspiration behind some of the best vehicles to grace our roads. If you were to conduct a roll call asking people to name the 50 most desirable cars they could think of, it’s a good bet that most of them(…)

M3 and M4 given a makeover by BMW in Las Vegas

The SEMA Motor Show in Las Vegas was the venue for BMW’s unveiling of its newly souped-up M3 and M4 – with added performance parts. The sporty upgrades will no doubt become ‘must haves’ for those wanting their regular versions to have a bit more grunt than normal. So, what exactly was on display in(…)

BMW’s All Electric Vehicle

BMW have had to face some serious truths when it comes to their involvement in the electric car world. The i3 and the i8 certainly haven’t been as popular as the Bavarian giants had originally hoped for. As a result of this, the i Division has consequently changed direction and is now focusing on driverless(…)

BMW’s New Plug-in Hybrid

The all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are only gaining popularity as time advances. This is down to the general public’s consistently raising awareness of the protection of the environment, and the continuation of more pressing environmental protection laws. This isn’t a bad thing for all automotive companies however as more models mean more sales(…)

BMW 100 Year 3 and 4 Series

At this moment in time, BMW seem to be really pushing the fact that they are celebrating their 100th year anniversary. The Bavarian company have released multiple concept cars, created a huge celebratory statue for the Goodwood Festival of Speed and have also release special edition versions of their vehicles. Japan have been very fortunate(…)

BMW 3 Series

The 3 Series for BMW, is one of its best sellers. This can most certainly be said for BMW in the USA whereby one in four BMW’s sold are a 3 Series. So we know that the 3 Series is excellent but, BMW believe that updates are necessary to keep their vehicles fresh and up(…)

BMW to Release Anniversary Edition of M3

BMW are a really remarkable company when it comes to the release of special edition cars. They have been consistently releasing limited edition vehicles which celebrates their rich motoring history. Just recently for example, we discussed the 2002 homage concept and they don’t seem as if they are going to stop soon. With this then,(…)

The BMW 3 Series gets a new PHEV: the 330e

The new 330e is available to order now in the UK with first deliveries expected in April next year. Prices for the entry-level model start from £33,935. In an industry moving towards greener vehicles, the BMW 330e is the newest addition. The all new plug-in hybrid will join the other available models in the 3(…)

BMW may see declining profits

BMW has warned that their profits for this year are set to fall. The world’s largest luxury automotive brand make the most sales, but not necessarily making more profit. Money gone into investments The Euro Zone crisis has affected the car market in a highly negative manner and has finally hit BMW. Money has been(…)

BMW 3-Series receives new engines

The BMW 3 Series will have extra engine options as part of their 2013 upgrades. A brand new 320d Efficient Dynamics Touring model has been added. There will be two brand new petrol and diesel engines along with the first ever 3 Series Touring AWD in the UK. EfficientDynamics The 320d Efficient Dynamics Touring could(…)

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