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New BMW 1 Series goes front-wheel drive

The new 2018 BMW 1 Series, as seen above, doesn’t look too radically different to the earlier editions that preceded it. Interestingly though, it will be front wheel, as opposed to rear wheel drive. Proper driving enthusiasts and motoring journalists may have reservations about this alteration, but the stark truth is 1 Series customers are(…)

The new 2015 BMW 1 Series

Since its arrival on the scene over 10 years ago, the BMW 1 Series has managed to firmly establish itself as one of the leading luxury hatchbacks in the market. The latest 2015 edition clearly illustrates just why almost 2 million models have been sold and why this year will be another rewarding one. The(…)

BMW 1 Series Coupe Review

The BMW 1 Series Coupe is a fantastic vehicle to own. It offers plenty of quality attributes which allow which has made the car extremely popular since it’s release. We take a look at what we believe are the car’s strongest attributes in our review today. Engines Within the BMW 1 Series Coupe there are(…)

The new BMW 1 Series

BMW have recently revealed a brand new set of engines for the new 1 Series. The changes come with the five door variant of the car. It is expected to be released in March. New models A new four cylinder vehicle petrol is set to be included into the list which will be installed into(…)

Hankook Ventus Prime tyres chosen for the BMW 1 Series

BMW have chosen Hankook Ventus Prime tyres for the majority of their 1 Series models. The tyres of size 195/55 R16V are reported to be fitted onto the 116i 118i 116d 118d Jin-Wook Choi the Vice President for Hankook said that their products suit BMW values and that is why they have been chosen. He(…)

BMW 1 Series

The BMW 1 Series was introduced into the market in 2005. There were a few minor hiccups initially due to the clash of styles with the original models. However it has now emerged as one of BMW’s best selling models. If drivers are seeking a car that look stylish, offers practicality and quality then they(…)

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