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BMW launch new online car buying service

BMW are reinventing the car-buying game with a new online service, in which you purchase a car from the comfort of your home. You can select the specifications, choose your financing plan, complete payment and arrange handover all via BMW Retail Online. And the 24/7 process can take just ten minutes, if you know what(…)

The all new BMW M4 GTS: racing for the road

“Ground-breaking technology, race-track attitude” The all new BMW M4 GTS is the high performance road car that feels like your driving on a race track. It’s the newest addition to the BMW legacy of exclusive special models, with a limited production of 700 models available worldwide. The M4 GTS features an M TwinPower Turbo in-line(…)

BMW praises Apple for sudden white car frenzy

The colour white on cars was not so glamorous a few years ago but suddenly they are highly desirable. White cars are fashionable once again. White is the new black. Motorists in American have especially taken to white cars. Before the main colours of choice were black, blue or silver cars. White cars now top(…)

The new BMW X4

The first ever BMW X4 has been confirmed for production with new artificial images released across the automotive press.  The images are not official but are mock ups of what they believe the car could look like. Production Back in 2010 there was a tremendous amount of speculation regarding the possible production of the car.(…)

BMW aims for the top

BMW president of North America, Ludwig Willisch, has said in an interview with The Times that he believes that the company can outsell all rivals. That includes the likes of Cadillac, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. We analyse some of the key points of the interview, which was given at the Los Angles Motor Show. It gave(…)

BMW real time traffic information system

BMW have recently launched a Real Time Traffic update information system, named the RTTI. The technology will come as part of the ConnectedDrive feature and will available as an extra on new BMW models. It’s a very sophisticated method of navigating through a journey, with the assistance of real time updates.  Accurate and up to(…)

The BMW Mini set for India

Mini who are under the ownership of BMW, are set to introduce a new model to India. Mini’s are seen as a luxury small car throughout the world. Is placing the Mini in India a good idea? Does it have what it takes to succeed in such a complex industry? They have already held back(…)

The new BMW 528i in the USA

The BMW 528i is on its way to North America. It has been previewed by some automotive experts already. We take a look as to what is in store. There will be a 2.0 Litre turbocharged four cylinder engine installed into the 2012 version. The car will be able to deliver 240 BHP. That matches(…)

Reprogramming your BMW to optimise performance

As cars have evolved throughout the years, they have got a lot smarter through the use of clever technology. BMW technology has now taken that step further, with them bridging the gap between automobiles and cars. The software to be made available will allow the 135i and the 335i models to be upgraded, delivering a(…)

A BMW that drives for you?

Just when you think BMW have reached new levels of technology, they’re now implementing automated driving technology for their cars. BMW Research and Technology have completed 2,700 miles worth of testing on the “Automated Driver Assistance System”.  The results appear to be very promising. The main aim of it all To overtake slower travelling vehicles(…)

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