A look back at the BMW 2500, 2800, 3.0 and 3.3 (1969 – 1977)


At Servicing Stop, there’s nothing we enjoy more than taking a good, nostalgic look back at some of the classics of yesteryear. Today we revisit an iconic series of BMW’s.

By the mid-1960’s, the German company had managed to pull itself back from the brink, thanks to the success of the 700, ‘Neu Klasse’, and 02-Series. The 2500-Series was the cherry on the top of an impressive recovery. At long last the aged 501/502-Series cars had been replaced, and the economic climate for the release of the new car was far more suitable for strong sales.

When BMW focused on the luxury car market and designed the 2500, it changed the way that buyers viewed the marquee. For the first time, BMW could actually claim to be a genuine competitor to Mercedes. It appearance it looked like an upscale edition of the O2-Series, but that was a positive, considering the strong identity Wilhelm Hofmeister had carved out for the niche.

On the roads, the 2500 and its bigger, larger engine derivatives were also true to the marquee, with all the potency and poise you’d need from a full-sized saloon. The car’s interiors were well crafted, and ergonomically sound, steering, brakes and gears all felt well designed and built.

The 2500 sold in huge numbers (for the time), but sadly, there are hardly any left due to widespread corrosion. But even that cannot dent its status as an integral car in BMW’s development.


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