BMW Servicing

BMW’s latest technology help the car stay in prime condition. Its dynamics and engineering help the car avoid repairs and last longer. You’ll find that all the latest models can warn you about the service the when it’s due, using the CBS system. Earlier BMW models used SII (Service Interval Indicator) which wasn’t as sophisticated as the newer CBS system.

Condition Based Servicing (CBS)

BMW Models that use this technology have the intelligence to monitor the cars own condition and warn in advance when the service is due. The dedicated sensors monitor the condition key of parts such as spark plugs, filters, brake pads and operating fluids. A microchip in the key stores the data, which our BMW Approved Technicians download via a Key Reader.

Service Interval Indicator (SII)

Models using SII technology monitors specific usage and driving conditions to give you warn you when maintenance or a service is due. The Service Interval Indicator counts down the mileage until your next service.

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