Top tips for maintaining your engine


When you’re lucky enough to be driving a BMW, who want to make sure you’re looking after it properly. Nowhere is this more important than the engine. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep it tip-top.

Engine oil – When you’re checking your engine oil levels make sure you’re doing the following:

  • Make sure where you’re parked is flat
  • Check the engine is turned off. If you’ve just turned it off, let it cool for five minutes at least.
  • Extract the dipstick from the engine and clean it with a non-linting cloth.
  • Gently push the dipstick back into its tube then remove again.
  • Check whether the level of oil falls between the two specified points on the dipstick.
  • Never fill beyond the maximum level. This will harm the engine.

Only use approved engine oils – the quality of the engine oil you use is an integral and decisive factor in the correct operation and long life of your car’s engine.

Coolant – Don’t top up your coolant system when the engine is hot, otherwise you may scald yourself on the resultant coolant steam.

Brake fluid – Brake fluid is hydroscopic, that means it gradually absorbs moisture from the air. To make sure your brake system remains fully operational, it’s wise to renew your brake fluid every two years.

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