BMW will not make a supercar

BMW have stated that they don’t plan to develop a supercar and rival the Audi R8 anytime soon.

The prestigious M division

Many would agree with us when we say they create some of the world’s best performance cars, offering the beauty, power and drive that some can only dream about. Fans will know what cars adopt these particular attributes (The BMW M3 and M5 to name a couple). They are cars for those who seek a thrilling and high speed engaging drive. They certainly get that if they opt for any of BMW’s prestigious M division.

M division cars are not considered supercars, although when driving them some owners may feel as if they actually are inside one! So much so that some fans describe the BMW M5 as a four door supercar. It can be hard to argue in many respects, although technically speaking it isn’t true.

Audi, Mercedes-Benz and even Lexus both have a supercar, why not BMW?

Despite the M division cars satisfying many, fans are calling out for BMW to create a supercar to rival Ferraris and the likes of the Audi R8. Some even argue that if Audi have a supercar available, why don’t BMW? They may have a point as BMW are the worlds most successful and number one luxury car manufacturer in the world, with Audi currently shifting between number two and three in a battle with Mercedes-Benz. If BMW are ahead of Audi, why not create a supercar?

Mercedes-Benz have created the SLS AMG which is in the same class as the Audi R8. Fans are surely asking why have both companies who are below BMW creating highly successful supercars? Even Lexus have created a supercar named the LFA, albeit a limited edition.

BMW would argue that Audi had the help of their holding company, Volkswagen, to help with parts and production which effectively made the whole process a lot easier. It would be difficult for BMW to create a supercar as it needs plenty of research and development not to mention funding that will easily see itself into the £ millions mark.

BMW have reportedly discussed the idea but have come the conclusion there isn’t a justification at present for development to go ahead.