Servicing Stop CEO gives his tips for BMW drivers off on their hols

Servicing-Stop-CEO-gives-his-tips-for-BMW-drivers-off-on-their-holsOly Richmond, CEO of the UK’s largest online car servicing provider, Servicing Stop, (and a father of six with another on the way), knows a thing or two about long trips on holiday with a car full of irritable, bored children. Here are his tips for the perfect journey and the preparation you can undertake to help you get from A to B with the minimum amount of fuss.
He said: “First of all it’s important to make sure you’re travelling correctly equipped. Think about where you’re going; making sure you have all the necessary equipment in your car is vital. This means the important stuff like GB identification (if you’re heading to the continent), torch, atlas (trust me you’ll need it at some point) and the even more vital things like snacks for the kids, books, games and headphones!
“When you have three children with three very different music tastes, a teenager addicted to Snapchat and a toddler who wants nursery rhymes, several sets of headphones are imperative to preserving your sanity. Make sure you all have a good breakfast or lunch before you set off, it will keep the kids (and the driver) full up and less restless. There are always service stops along the way but taking some bites for the journey never goes amiss; having a few more bottles of water than you need is advised. Whether or not we still have a heat wave in a month’s time, car travel is thirsty work and going without a drink can cause dehydration and nausea on the journey.
“My top tip is to carry change with you at all times. Many motorways on the continent charge tolls, make sure you have a selection of currencies (depending on where you’re going) and it can always come in handy if you spot an ice-cream van in the carpark. From an economical point of view I would recommend topping up before you go as fuel prices can be more expensive abroad, however do your research depending on where you’re going, as conversely, French fuel prices are currently extremely low. Overall, wherever you’re going, make sure you car’s in good nick before you go anywhere.”
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