Has BMW secretly approved what its next i model will be

Has-BMW-secretly-approved-what-its-next-i-model-will-beLots of rumours have been circulating about the next i-branded model to be announced by BMW. The i8 Roadster is the next slated vehicle from the segment scheduled to be with us by 2018, but what about after that? It’s looking likely – say several well informed sources – that the next edition will be named the i5.

So, what kind of tech can we expect from the numerically inferior sister to the i8? And what type of body styling will be involved? Autocar has learned that BMW’s management have now unofficially approved the new vehicle, up till now known as the ‘i-Next’. It should be with us by 2021 and perhaps unsurprisingly considering the current trend, it’s going to be an SUV.

The SUV approach was taken by the German car manufacturer for a number of reasons, but mostly due to profit margins and the arrival of the Tesla Model X. 2021 is quite some time away, so what are the reasons for the long wait?

In part, it’s due to several technologies currently in development that are not ready for production yet. BMW intends to take full advantage of them when they do reach completion, and has slated them for the i5 instead of rushing them for an earlier release. Specifically these tech advancements include advancement in electric motors, batteries, and other autonomous tech. BMW already has its carbon fibre production at an advanced level, so that’s not likely to be a reason for the delay.

The i3 and the i8 have been pretty successful, and the German carmaker is reviewing lessons learnt from these two models as it moves forward with the brand.

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