Full autonomy aim for electric vehicles by 2025 declare BMW

Full-autonomy-aim-for-electric-vehicles-by-2025-declare-BMW-1BMW’s electric vehicle program shows no signs of slowing; replacements are scheduled for both the i3 and i8 by 2022 says Automobile magazine. A completely new car currently named Project i20 internally (but likely to assume either i5 or i6 when eventually released) is set for 2021. The i20 is to have a 100% electric drivetrain, similar to the i3 that preceded it and it will have BMW’s most complete autonomous driving capabilities to date.

There will be different variants of drivetrain for the I20. At the low end 136hp will be the standard; at the other end a much more powerful 247hp will furnish the power. Automobile has said the i20 is “a bigger, prettier, and more aerodynamic i3.” As it stands, the i3 has split opinion; this is therefore likely to be well received by possible BMW electric buyers.

It’s the self driving ability which is the headline news with the i20 however. No specific details have been released by BMW aside from that it will have “advanced autonomous” capabilities. Automobile do reveal that a 100% self-driving model will be debuted in 2025.

The new advances planned for the 2022 i3 update will feature multiple different proposals currently being developed. One involves a design that makes use of the present carbon-fibre outer bodywork, another involves an all-aluminium chassis and a third blends different materials.

The i8’s update – which is more likely to happen slightly later in 2023 – will abandon the hybrid’s current design adopting a 100% electric three-motor, 750bhp drivetrain and batteries that will give the vehicle a 300 mile driving range.

All of the above sounds like decent new additions to BMW’s already impressive EV stable, but it’s the i20 which catches the imagination the most. Mostly because it’ll be the first available to view, assuming the schedule stays the same, and also because of the advanced capabilities of its self driving facility.  All being well, it should become the one true competitor to the Tesla Model S.

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