BMW to make electric Mini

BMW-to-make-electric-MiniOf all the most iconic cars in the world, the Mini has to be up there with the best of them. It’s come in a wide range of different guises over the years, and is soon to have its most drastic makeover yet. BMW have confirmed that they are to produce an all-electric Mini, to start appearing in showrooms before 2020.

At the recent Paris Motor Show, all manner of electric vehicles were on display from the major players. VW and Mercedes revealed their ambitious plans for their directions within the genre, but BMW was unusually quiet. This was more surprising following the early lead they had forged with the release of the i3 and i8.

According to sources, the tight-lipped stance taken by the German company during the Paris show was due to the executives meeting elsewhere to thrash out the finer details of the announcement. We now know that this includes the introduction of an EV Mini, and an electric edition of the new X3 crossover.

With so many carmakers embracing the electric market, it makes sense that any long term plans within this field need to be meticulously. Especially, when taking on the likes of Tesla and Nissan – with Mercedes and VW soon to follow. So what can be expected of the new Mini?

Whilst we have no clear definition of what the new Mini will be like, we can get a good idea from the current fleet – including BMW’s i3. The majority of electric cars store their batteries under the chassis to help distribute the weight better. This means that the Mini would have to be redesigned from the ground upwards. It’s also likely, that to help increase the cars projected range, lightweight materials such as aluminium and carbon fibre will be used in the construction.

When it finally hits showrooms, it’s likely the new Mini will sit somewhere between the more affordable Nissan Leaf, and the high-end i3. Mini is already considered a premium brand, so it would be unlikely that BMW would launch the vehicle as a ‘mass market’ model.

There’s sure to be critics, nostalgic of the car’s former interpretations and uncomfortable about an electric version, but a renewable Mini is a sure-fire way to ensure the iconic vehicle stays relevant for years to come.

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