BMW reveal i8 Spyder Concept to begin production in 2018

BMW-reveal-i8-Spyder-Concept-to-begin-production-in-2018It’s been a while since BMW first unveiled the i8 Spyder Concept to universal acclaim at the Beijing Motor Show, four years in fact. Since then, the clamour for a production edition has grown in volume; something the German carmaker has vaguely promised is on its way…at some point. Finally, it looks like this landmark moment is set to actually happen with BMW CEO Harald Kruegar stating that the i8 Roadster will start appearing on sale from 2018.

When we finally do start to see the hotly anticipated hybrid droptop, we can expect it to be based on a refreshed adaptation of the i8 platform. The update means it’s likely to have a touch more combined power from its electric motor and petrol engine. Sources have revealed they expect the power to jump from the current 354 bhp to a figure well in excess of 400 bhp, with a lithium ion battery producing greater capacity.

BMW have also revealed that sales for the revamped i3 have been extremely healthy; this news comes as a result of a new battery pack being installed, capable of delivering 114 miles of range from a full charge – an 32 mile increase on the previous version. As yet, it’s unknown whether or not the upcoming production model i8 will benefit from a similar increase in range; it seems likely however, given the recent developments in battery technology.

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