BMW releases sneak peak of new roadster


Over the past few years, German car giant BMW and Toyota of Japan have been collaborating on a top-secret joint project.

All sounds very hush-hush doesn’t it?

The ‘development’ between the two car giants will see the creation of a shared platform to be used by both the new Toyota Supra and a BMW roadster that will most likely replace the Z4.

A prototype of the new edition Supra has been spotted out and about on its test drives, covered head to toe in camouflage to foil those nosy photographers. Sightings of the BMW meanwhile have been nonexistent up till now…but that just changed.

Last week, BMW posted a dim silhouette of a two-seater sports car on their official Twitter account. More details are set to follow on August 17th at the Pebble Beach car week in Monterey, California.

The new roadster is expected to take the place of the Z4 and if the teaser is to be believed, will be a radical departure in terms of design – a much sleeker vehicle is hinted at.

Toyota has a history of teaming up with other manufacturers to work on new models. The 86 sports car previously the Scion FR-S was a bi-product of collaboration with Subaru, who developed the BRZ on the same platform.

More details will follow soon…

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