BMW confirm second generation i3

BMW-confirm-second-generation-i3When BMW dropped the i3 on the market, it was the first time the German car maker had attempted to deliver a completely eco-friendly vehicle. The process had been risky; every attempt to adopt green technology was taken throughout each cycle of the cars development. From the initial build itself, to the sources it would use to recharge its battery.

So far, the i3 has sold 60,000 units in the three years since it was released. Not exactly breaking sales records, but bringing a whole new spectrum of customers to the BMW brand as a result – customers who wouldn’t necessarily have been interested in a BMW before.

The project manager of the i3, Heinrich Schwackhoefer, said recently whether he thought a second generation was likely, following the sales performance of the current edition: “I firmly expect that. It’s not the sentiment within the company that it’s been a failure – absolutely not at all.”

From this, we can expect that a new and improved i3 will appear on the market within three to four years, perhaps even sooner. The existing model, which recently celebrated its third birthday, has had the benefit of a new facelift by way of a new 94 Ah battery, which has significantly improved the range the car is capable of.

It’s far too early to predict what we can expect from the new BMW i3. An even more powerful battery is a likely development, but a change in design is also a possibility depending on what the hierarchy decides upon. BMW are set to keep the renewable energy manufacturing process for any future editions of the vehicle.

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