BMW collaborates on i3 and i8 with Garage Italia

BMW-collaborates-on-i3-and-i8-with-Garage-ItaliaEarlier in the year, BMW formed a glamorous collaboration with Lapo Elkmann’s Garage Italia to design an i8 that takes style to a whole new level. Inspired by Giacomo Balla’s “Lampada ad Arco”, what they came up with was the superb i8 Futurism Edition, inspired by the colours cast by a “street lamp under moonlight”.

The two editions have been called the i3 and i8 Garage Italia CrossFade. The two units were shown off at last week’s Paris Motor Show, and have been heavily influenced by an artistic technique known as optical colour mixing, an artistic technique with its roots back in the 19th century. Part of the Pointillism movement, it involves using small fragments and dashes of colour that when combined create a sort of ‘fade’ effect, in this case between blue and grey. In order to achieve this effect the cars were first painted in ‘Protonic Blue’, before a stencil was applied and a coating of ‘Protonic Dark Silver’ was added. Inside, on the cars Alcantara-trimmed interiors, the pattern has been replicated.

Whatever your tastes, you can’t deny this version of the electric pair doesn’t half ooze class.

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