BMW 7 Series Update

BMW-7-Series-UpdateThe 7 Series’ are very rarely seen on the roads as they are the epitome of luxury. The limousine based models have been extremely popular amongst the elite since their introduction in 2015. This series is as high performing as it is luxurious, and this can generally be seen through the vehicles V8 and V12 engines. Although, BMW now plan to add a hybrid model to the range, and it certainly sounds as if it will be an exceptional vehicle.

Named the 740e iPerformance, the vehicles technical statistics are unrivalled in this luxury category. Utilising a 9.2kWh battery, a regenerative braking system, a 190kW motor and a four cylinder engine, the vehicle can complete the 0-60mph sprint in 5.4 seconds, whilst boasting excellent fuel economy figures. Because of the technology, the 740e is able to drive 30 miles in just pure electric mode. Although the quoted figure doesn’t sound like much, it is still 11 miles further than its closest rival. The figures are so impressive that the five metre long limousine has a better fuel economy rating than most three cylinder hatchbacks.

Although the plug-in hybrid has an excellent power output of 328hp and 369lb of torque, it is also equipped with a large array of technology, which allows the vehicle to really excel. The Max eDrive allows the vehicle to drive in what is an excellent electric mode. BMW have however installed computer software which means that the vehicle will drive in electric mode as a default setting in slow speeds of up to 50mph. This, alongside the regenerative braking system will become extremely beneficial in an urban traffic environment.

In comparison to the rest of the 7 Series, the vehicles exterior and the interiors are almost identical. The only small changes will include the badges, and a groove where the plug-in cable will extend from. This certainly is an excellent vehicle which will really excel; especially amongst the environmentally friendly elite…