10 top tips on how to maximise fuel efficiency for your BMW

10-top-tips-on-how-to-maximise-fuel-efficiency-for-your-BMWAs a BMW driver, there may not be an awful lot you can do to influence the cost of fuel, but it is possible to drive in a more fuel efficient manner. Here are a few tips to help you save money on your weekly fuel bill.

  1. Drive smoothly. Research shows that heavy acceleration, abrupt braking and driving at excessive speeds lowers fuel economy by 5% in the city when average speeds are lower, and over 33% on the motorway.
  2. Keep filters clean. If your air filter is dirty, replace it. A clean filter can help acceleration time by around 6-11%. The air filter in your BMW helps keep your engine protected from impurities.
  3. Engine maintenance. The key to a good long engine life is to keep an eye on it and fix any problems that crop up straight away. If your car is running out of tune, repairing the problem immediately can help improve fuel economy by 4% on average.
  4. Proper tyre pressure. Ensure that your tyres are neither over nor under inflated. This helps cut down your vehicle’s fuel expenditure by around 3.3% whilst driving.
  5. Avoid excess weight. Only travel carrying what you need. Don’t have a boot full of unnecessary clutter; it forces your car to work harder than it needs to.
  6. Use BMW approved oil.  Fuel economy can be improved by 1–2% by following BMW’s recommended engine oil guidelines. Contact your local BMW dealership to find out what oil was intended specifically for your model.
  7. Cruise control. If possible, keep to a constant speed on major roads or when in free-flowing traffic. This will improve your fuel economy.
  8. Avoid idling. Idling gets you 0 miles to the gallon!
  9. Keep your speed down. For most cars, your fuel mileage decreases once you’ve passed your car’s optimal speed. This usually occurs at speeds in excess of 60 mph.
  10. Be organised. Combining all of your errands into one trip, avoiding several smaller journeys, keeps your engine running warm and avoids unnecessary cold starts.

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