The BMW Z5

The-BMW-Z5The BMW Z4 was a particularly strange vehicle. It looked rather odd with two seats, a front mounted engine and all of the vehicles power was sent to the rear wheels. For those that are unaware, this screams sports car, but it was missing something to really define and set it apart from its competitors. This may soon change as the successor to the Z4 has just been spotted testing. Although it has been wrapped in a very deceptive camouflage, there are multiple rumours surfacing about this vehicle, so we do have some information available to us before its release in 2019.

We know that the vehicle is a joint project between BMW and Toyota so we expect it to be exceptional. This therefore means that Toyota will inevitably sell a Supra version soon. The Supra will therefore share the same powertrains, platform and many other concepts as the Z5. We are also aware that the vehicle is a roadster at this moment in time, but there are already rumours of a coupe to follow surfacing. There has however been no information on whether one company will produce one and the other, the other.

The current test mule has no rear window as a means for the interior to be hidden. There is also a soft cloth roof, which when combined with either the rumoured four cylinder or incline six engines, means that BMW are really looking to make the Z5 as powerful a machine as possible. Other than these two rumoured engines, there is very little information available to the public at this moment in time. The only other rumour floating about regarding the Z5 is a complete reshuffle of the Z Series. This could mean the introduction of a Z2 or multiple facelifts for the other vehicles in the Z Series range. We won’t know until 2019, but we are excited to find out…