BMW’s SUV Recall

BMWs-SUV-RecallBMW are really having a hard time with SUV’s at this moment in time. They have just recently had to recall 622,000 vehicles over a faulty safety clip for child seats. Those models affected were the X3 and X4 built between 2011 and 2017. This time round however, the number isn’t as big, but SUV’s are again affected. This isn’t good news considering the demand for crossover SUV’s and SUV’s in general. If BMW have to keep bringing SUV’s in for repair they may lose a huge chunk of their consumer base to rivals such as Mercedes and Audi.

The X5 and the X6 are the models which have been affected this time round. This leaves only the X1 to be the only SUV unaffected in recent months. A manufacturing error has caused the recall of 21,493 of BMW’s vehicles which are likely to be repaired in drips and drabs over the coming months.

This specific manufacturing fault relates to the seal of the drive shafts U-joint. Over time, water and dirt can penetrate the faulty seal and henceforth, it will corrode. After serious corrosion, power may not enter the front wheels. This is a problem for any all wheel drive vehicles and specifically the xDrive all wheel drive models. This is the reason why BMW have had to recall the 21,493 SUV’s. As of this moment, it is unknown if any X5 and X6 models outside of the United States are affected.

There have been no injuries or deaths because of this failure but, the problem did arise nearly two years ago. There have been many complaints since and this is why the recalls have only just occurred now. Corrosion does take time to occur which is why it may have taken this long to sort, but if you have any concerns, an occurring noise from the front of the vehicle when driving may signal the problem.