BMW US Sales

BMW-US-SalesIt is always interesting to see what the sales of major car companies are like all over the world. From this, usually one can gather either information on new trends, or how major companies are generally performing. Using the United States as a model is most certainly the best way to measure how well an automotive company is doing, and BMW US have just released second quarter results. So how well are they doing?

Well, the results are both positive and negative. The month of June was a mixed month for the luxury German automotive company. The positives come from the fact that they managed to outsell their closest rivals in Mercedes and Lexus. But, the negative side to this is in the relatively large decrease in sales. BMW took a ten percent loss on sales in comparison to the same time last year. Managing to sell only 28,855 vehicles, BMW were closely followed by Mercedes who saw a 1.5 percent increase in sales to 28,473. Lexus on the other hand saw their sales fall by 1.3 percent to 25,779. So this means that BMW have some good to take out of a decrease in their sales.

This is the first time in 2016 that BMW have managed to outsell its rivals. This is partly due to the increased popularity in Mercedes as a brand in the US. Although BMW have seen their sales fall by nine percent in the first half of the year, there are still more positives to be taken. An example of this is the increased popularity in the X3 crossover SUV. The X3 has seen a meteoric 69 percent increase in its sales last month

What can therefore be taken from this financial information is that Mercedes is certainly becoming more popular alongside BMW’s X3 model.