BMW to Recall SUV’s

BMW-to-Recall-SUVsBMW have announced that they will be issuing a recall for over half a million SUV’s worldwide as a result of a faulty seat latch. This particular recall can be very worrying for many owners of a BMW SUV as it involves the safety of children in particular.

So, BMW’s will be recalling exactly 622,000 SUV’s as a result of child seat anchors. It has been reported that the child seat anchors may become damaged and therefore the seat may not hold in place very well. As we previously stated, this can be extremely worrying for many parents. It has however been stressed that this fault will only be apparent with European child seats. Yet of the 622,000 vehicles issued for a recall, 189,000 of these will take place in the United States. It is therefore evident that BMW are issuing this recall as a safety precaution because the U.S. issued seats have a flexible connection and therefore, it does not cause a problem.

Luckily no one has been injured as a result of the fault but, it has taken a long time for the vehicle to be recalled in the first place. A European BMW owner discovered the problem in March, it has taken until mid-June to issue a recall and repairs won’t take place until July 12th.

There are two SUV’s which will soon undergo the repairs of the faulty child seat anchors at the expense of BMW. The BMW X3 models dating from 2011 to 2017 and the BMW X4 models built between 2015 and 2017 are the two models in question.

It may have taken some time for the problem to be recognised but, at least BMW will be sorting out the problem. We doubt it will be too strenuous a task to undertake…