2017 Will See a New Generation BMW X3

The BMW X3 series has been an ever present force in the SUV market since its conception in 2003. Until recently, the X3 dominated the SUV market but now, as a result of the Audi Q5, Mercedes GLC and Porsche Macan models, it is starting to slump in sales. In order to combat this, BMW will be releasing the next generation X3 in 2017.

2017-Will-See-a-New-Generation-BMW-X3The third instalment of the BMW X3 series has therefore undertaken a huge change as it looks to start dominating the market again in 2017. The SUV has been on a diet and has lost a lot of weight. For the petrol and diesel versions of the SUV, a rumoured 50kg to 100kg has been shed from the SUV in order for maximum sports performance. But with the hybrid version, as a result of the battery powered engine, the weight could be around the 2000kg.

Based on a new lightweight rear wheeled chassis, the new X3 will be longer than any of its other predecessors. This change has smartly been undertaken to create more leg room and a bigger boot. This is a very clever move as it seems to be the major demand in the SUV world at this moment in time. The SUV has also been given a sporty body kit alongside a new grille with accompanying headlights. This has given the X3 a slick and aggressive look.

There have been many rumours circulating which argues that the BMW’s M series subsidiary may also be involved with the project. If this is true, then expect a modified engine, transmission, suspension, interior trim, aerodynamics amongst other modifications to set it apart from BMW’s main rivals in the luxury SUV category. It is what the M Series has and will always do.

There have been very few images of the BMW X3 taken. But, you can expect that the vehicle will be very impressive when it’s released to the public in 2017. Unfortunately, there have been no statistics or price tags released as of yet, but as soon as they are, we will definitely update you…