BMW’s New Plug-in Hybrid

BMWs-New-Plug-in-HybridThe all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are only gaining popularity as time advances. This is down to the general public’s consistently raising awareness of the protection of the environment, and the continuation of more pressing environmental protection laws. This isn’t a bad thing for all automotive companies however as more models mean more sales in different markets. Other more high performance motoring companies may however struggle when it comes to selling the inevitably weaker all electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

BMW may have changed this with their new plug-in 3 Series. Named the 330e, this vehicle will certainly start to change the face of the plug-in hybrid world through its high performance capabilities. By learning lessons from the i3 and i8 vehicles, the 330e is a perfect mix between being environmentally friendly through low fuel consumption, and being an extremely good high performance vehicle.

This has however only been accomplished via a very effective powertrain. Utilising a 180hp 2.0 litre turbocharged inline-four engine, an eight-speed automatic transmission, an 87hp electric motor and a 7.6kWh air-cooled lithium-ion battery, the 330e can accomplish the 0-60mph drag in 5.8 seconds whilst boasting a top of 140mph. So the vehicle is quick, so quick in fact that it actually shaves time off the gasoline powered BMW 330.

As previously stated, the 330e is also environmentally friendly through low fuel consumption, and BMW have worked hard in order to accomplish this. There are three different battery conserving modes on offer by the BMW 330e. These include the Auto eDrive and Max eDrive, which depending on speed will alter the amount of electric power used. Then, there is the Save Mode which will not utilise any electric capabilities until absolutely necessary. The 330e certainly is one of if not the best plug-in hybrid vehicles right now.