BMW Z4 Coupe fitted with Viper V10

BMW-Z4-Coupe-fitted-with-Viper-V10There is a unique type of person out there, one who takes great pleasure fitting incredible engines into very small cars. Take the Ferrari V8-engined Toyota GT86 for example, or the Mazda MX-5. But for one German power obsessive, eight-cylinders were nowhere near enough, so he fitted the BMW Z4 you see above with ten.

However, it’s not BMW’s own V10 – from the old M5 – that this engineer has conjoined with the Z4, but the 8.3-litre monster engine from a Dodge RAM SRT-10. This is exactly the same set of pipes you get in a Dodge Viper.

The vehicle is up for sale on Ebay. The page is written in German, and when put through Google Translate comes up as: “As the carriage moves, can be a word to describe very well: brutal.” Not the best worded English sentence, but the point comes across adequately. It says the Z4 makes 542bhp and 553lb ft. Transmission wise; a Tremec six-speed manual is fitted. There’s a very robust roll cage incorporated into the design and an exhaust with baffles that open at 3,800rpm. The brakes have been swiped from an Audi R8. The vehicle’s dry weight comes in at just a touch under 1,400kg which makes sense considering the bare interior.

At present, over 800 Ebayers have their eyes on the ludicrously powerful BMW/Viper hybrid with the sale due to complete in two weeks. The advertised price is just over £42,000 so the coupe doesn’t come cheap. What you are getting for your money though is a car with a phenomenal amount of poke.

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