BMW 8 Series

The BMW 8 Series is known for its large size and pure power. The production of the vehicle lasted between 1989 and 1999.
Despite its production ending a long time ago, the car still remains iconic to many. We take a look at some of the car’s best features in our review today.

The sheer size of the BMW 8 Series gave away the amount of power in which it was able to produce. That was one of the most attractive features about the car. It was highly practical as well as being very speedy and quick off the mark despite its large frame. The 840 Ci variant was able to produce 286 BHP and was off the mark in 0 – 60 MPH in a tremendously quick 286 BHP.

Model’s and their different power levels
• 840 Ci 2d
o 0 -60 MPH – 6.7 seconds
o Top Speed – 155 MPH
o Power – 286 BHP
• 840 Ci 2d Auto (1993)
o 0 -60 MPH –7.2 seconds
o Top Speed – 155 MPH
o Power – 286 BHP
• 840 Ci 2d Auto (1996)
o 0 -60 MPH – 6.8 seconds
o Top Speed – 155 MPH
o Power – 286 BHP
• 850 Ci 2d
o Power – 286 BHP
• 850 Ci 2d Auto
o Power – 300 BHP
• 849 Ci Sport 2d Auto
o Power – 300 BHP

The car had powerful brakes in order to control the car’s great power and large size. ABS was fitted as standard, as you may expect with a car that weighs two tonnes. These are implemented in order to keep all drivers as safe as possible. One negative regarding the sophisticated braking system is that the brake pads needs throughout and constant attention when the car is driven with plenty of power and in an enthusiastic manner.
When the driver is not driving in such an enthusiastic manner, cruising along also offers a great experience. Sitting in such luxury whilst driving along smoothly is one of the car’s strongest attributes.

The interior at the time was one of the most luxurious around. Today it is still a wonderful car to drive.
There are rumours that the car could be revamped and released in the future. If the previous version was anything to go by we would like to see it.