A Dream-team develop a roadster

The combination of BMW and Italian supercar giant Zagato have combined made to make a roadster concept model. The car has simply been named the BMW Zagato roadster concept. The Zagato Coupe was shown off earlier this month with the roadster set to partner it.

Built in only 6 weeks, the roadster represents a great deal of quality and splendid design. The best of both worlds have been brought together. When first looking at the car, it looks very similar to the BMW Z4. The front end looks very similar looking very aggressive and being shaped almost exactly the same. The proportions are almost identical too with both cars.

The rear of the car has black tinted glass, giving it a slightly mysterious type of character. The back of the car also has twin exhaust pipes which look ultimately stylish. The 19 inch alloy wheels really stand out on such a small type of vehicle.

The interior is just as good as the exterior. It is very easy on the eye with a splendid design. The black and brown leather looks extremely elegant and classy. The Zagato Zs are wonderfully embedded into the headrests, making sure everyone knows exactly what car they are getting into.

What has not been confirmed is what powers the Zagato roadster. Experts have assumed that it will a twin turbo engine that is found the top of the range BMW Z4. It is able to reach 302 BHP and is mated to a dual clutch transmission. It will certainly be able to hit high speeds. As the Zagato Roadster clearly resembles the BMW Z4 in many ways, we also believe that the Z4’s engine will be placed under the bonnet.

Well after all of that it is worth pointing out that the car is extremely unlikely to hit dealers anytime soon. It is just a concept car and it will not be made into a production type anytime soon.

Six weeks is an extremely quick time to develop a car, especially one of this class and quality. The car had a deadline of being created before the Pebble Beach event. The best developers and engineers from both BMW and Zagato were clearly on hand to achieve what was a very difficult target to meet. We just wish that the BMW and Zagato Roadster were released as a production car here in the UK.